April 2020 Singings

Updated March 29, 2020

Dear Singers,

We will not be sending our usual list of singings for the month of April 2020. Most have officially been cancelled already, and we expect the rest to follow suit.

We are all very sad about this, but it is better for us to remain apart for now, so that we can sing together again in the not too distant future.

If you are desperate to sing with friends, check the Facebook group, Sacred Harp Friends, to find out ways you can use technology to sing with others remotely. There is already at least one video of the "Quarantine Chorus" singing #146 Hallelujah, with 156 singers from all over the world joining their voices together through the magic of video editing. It's also a great time to *read the rudiments* in the front of your Sacred Harp and practice sight-reading. Maybe watch a video on YouTube and practice leading that tricky song you've been thinking about.

However you spend this time, please take care of yourself and check on your neighbors and family in safe ways.

Be well, and sing on!


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